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Customer comments

* Results may vary from person to person
Excellent. Straight forward. Helpful *

Sylvia B, Australia

It works *

Charles T, Canada

Very good service very courteous *

Richard H, United Kingdom

It's a great comfort for me knowing that when my ears start hissing I don't have to feel helpless anymore. Having confidence that your product does really work removes a lot of stress just knowing it's there. ...Thanks for the great service you offer. There's no support anywhere as good as yours. *

Dave, Australia

Excellent *

Jan W, Australia

Just wanted to drop you a quick email to thank you for this incredible product. I have been living with severe tinnitus for the past 5 months and have been trying and looking for everything I can to help relieve it. Finally, I've found something. I'm thrilled. *

Simon Q, United States

Almost unbelievable it really works . *

Christopher H, United Kingdom

Many thanks for a program that actually achieves results, and at a price that is more than reasonable *

Ray S, Australia

fantastic *

John W, United Kingdom

took this test last night and was skeptical about the whole thing; how long it would last. That was about midnight. In the morning, my wife asked how was my tinnitus and I forgot about it until she asked, now here is my order and that is my answer, thank you *

Lou C, United States

Outstanding Support *

Howard J, United States

I played a couple of the tracks before going to sleep and it positively reduced the intensity of my tinnitus which has been a severe discomfort for some time. I managed to get a good night's sleep at long last. *

John W, Scotland

still working brilliantly. love it *

Lance Stewart, Australia

it was very easy to do *

David L, United Kingdom

Just want to say hi! It's been almost a month.... I'm doing better thank goodness for your program. Some days are almost a zero. Bad days are now only a 5. *

Jack T, United States

I am impressed with what it does to resolve the ringing *

Kelsey C, Canada

I've suffered with this problem for about 7 years now and today is the first time I've enjoyed any relief! *

Chris W, United Kingdom

Along with my customised HushTinnitus tracks, I also received a 42-page article about residual inhibition. Researched and written by Clyde Witchard, it’s highly readable and full of valuable information that helped me better understand my tinnitus. *

Steven Thorne, Canada

Very effective reduced my tinnitus straight away *

Maria N, Australia

Seems to help when my tinnitus is loud *

Richard M, United Kingdom

I have permanent tinnitus in my right ear and with just that ear plugged in, all is peace and serenity, and I can now read in peace. Quite amazing Clyde, thank you so much. *

Celia K, United Kingdom

Very impressed! *

Frances S, United States

This treatment seems to help *

Thomas L, United States

Very Effective - Thank You *

Brian C, Australia

Amazing *

Jim B, United Kingdom

Very helpful *

Wendy G, Australia

This is the first time I have listend to sound that helped. Have had this since 1990. *

Ross C, Canada

im amazed *

Angela W, United Kingdom

very good *

Mary C, South Africa

Impressive! *

Philip G, United Kingdom

It worked *

Leah Taylor, Australia

It has been pretty impressive so far. I listened two times last night and it helped... *

Kris W, Canada

very cool! *

Mike P, United States

Very good *

Janet M, United Kingdom

eased my tinnitus *

Craig R, United States

Very impressed *

Deborah A, United Kingdom

Very interesting and encouraging! *

Cecil W, United Kingdom

it helped *

Dianne C, United Kingdom

Brilliant, just brilliant... Thank you *

Karen T, United Kingdom